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Mail Distribution Services

The SkyPostal mail division specializes in offering hand delivery of mail and periodicals into Latin America. Our mission is to provide our customers with a consistent, secure and reliable mail delivery service of the highest standards into Latin America through the use of innovative logistics solutions and state-of-the-art information technology.

We are the largest private mail network in Latin America handling mail from European postal administrations, major publishers, international mailers and financial institutions that require time defined and reliable delivery of their mail or magazines. Our service is supported by a web-based proprietary tracking system that allows our clients the ability to track their mailings and our performance.

Mail Delivery Services

Priority – Next flight out, 2 to 5 transit
Standard – 5 to 10 day transit
Economy – 14 to 21 day transit
Bulk Mail Service

  • Small Bulk – 1 to 5 kilos
  • Bulk – 5 to 50 kilos
  • Heavy Bulk – 50 kilo+
mail delivery services
added services


  • Electronic Returns – SkyPostal’s delivery providers will scan in all undeliverable/return items into PosTrac and provide a reason for the return.
  • Physical Returns – SkyPostal can return undeliverable mail upon request.
  • Delivery Confirmation – SkyPostal can provide date and time of delivery.
  • Signature Proof of Delivery – SkyPostal can provide signature proof of delivery in most of the major cities of Latin America.


All of our mail services are traceable online via our web-based proprietary operating system PosTrac. Our tracking system allows our clients to track their mailings from reception in one of our hubs in Miami or London to when the item is out for delivery.

Tracking Points:

  • Reception in Hub Miami or London
  • Cleared Through Customs in Destination

Out for Delivery:

  • Proof of Delivery – Additional Service
  • Return Information – Additional Service
postrac technology
quality control

Quality Control

SkyPostal takes its service levels seriously and is constantly monitoring its performance by seeding over 2,000 pieces of mail per week. Seed panelists electronically advise SkyPostal of time and date of delivery for the seed pieces.